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The Angel of Horror was born at the tender age of 13. After watching the Exorcist, I knew I was posessed, to write horror. My posession slumbered until 5/10 when I began writing ANGEL HEAT (due out spring of 2012). Since then I have won several writing competetions and Necon E-Books is publishing 2 of my Flash Fiction stories: IN THE LAMPLIGHT and SANTA? The AOH continues to collect souls and a following of minions. The Angel of Horror is on Facebook as well as Twitter {angelofhorror1} and also Goodreads under her given name {Leslie Borghini} This is the first blog I have ever done, so bear with me as I travel between Heaven and Hell on my mission. MANY people have asked me, "How can such a sweet little thing like you write such Horror?" My response has become one that I heard Steven King reply in an interview, "In some freudian way what you are really asking, but are afraid to, is WHAT 'F**KED ME UP. RIGHT?" Well my minions, the answer is quite simple, "Yes I had a wonderful childhood, Yes I came from a loving family, Yes I have a wonderful life now filled with amazing family and friends, and finally I am an animal lover to the point of being obsessed by my animals, (and I have alot). The place in my mind where my ability to write Horror comes from I can only attribute to "A GIFT FROM MY GODS," (Yes I have alot of them too!) In closing my very first blog, I can only say my writing is not for the faint of heart. I have been critized and verbally accousted by what I like to refer to as the BTH's of the world, (Bible Thumping Hypocrits--You know the ones who sit in the front pew waving their flag, the C-E goers (Christmas and Easter only) The people who treat Mankind like something less than themselves. To those people I say, " You too are a sinner and I have come for you." MAY YOUR GODS BLESS AND KEEP YOU Ever-presently yours, Angel of Horror

The Angel Of Horror is proud to say her FIRST published works are now available. Please check out the chapters November and December. IN THE LAMPLIGHT and SANTA? are now officially published. It is kind of crazy seeing my name in a book, but I could absolutely get use to it.!!

The NECON E-BOOKS BEST OF 2011 FLASH FICTION ANTHOLOGY is now available for purchase at; featuring a number of never-before-published “anthology exclusive” pieces, this anthology is a must get for all fans of the short form. Please order your … Continue reading

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Angel of Horror

The AOH is now blogging, may the Gods be merciful on your soul.

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